Dangerous Compassions

poems on instagram


I’ve been posting poems on instagram.  My instagram is xtrikeslutsx. Please follow me.  That dispensary dream poem was the first one.


Trying to do short ones.  I had a realization recently that I save up my poems to publish only in zines, which doesn’t make sense.  Fewer people see them, shared that way.  Long ago, publishing online could mess things up, trying to publish on paper later.  Like if I was going to get a book deal.

I realized the important fact that there is no book deal!  I am not even trying to publish, through others’ presses, lately.  So it makes no sense for me to save up my poems, hoardy style.  I need to make them free.


This is a new one I just laid out.


Thank you for caring about me and my projects, and what I write.  Poetry can be a living, beautiful force of truth.  A favorite art.

I love speaking truth that might not be readily seen.  The ideas in my poems on instagram are important to me.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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