Dangerous Compassions

guest post from GT

This guest post from GT is about activism and predators.  GT is an artist I met online through radical mental health.  They asked me to share far and wide, and I’m happy to. 

I have experienced being preyed upon by men who were in a mentor role, especially when I was young.  It wastes so much energy, to have to defend ourselves from being harmed by the people who are supposed to be supporting us in an important project or movement.  Love and compassion to activists and all people, to get what we truly need.

guest post from GT

Hello, Mz. Peace, I need your assistance. I would like to be on your guest blog because I know you have been centering radical mental health consistently via being who your are and in every vibrant experience of your being. I implore you to give me a chance to voice my concerns regarding to the youth of today and the future of the youth in generations to come.

Civil disobedience has been co opted as being “cool” by those who have a platform with large followings especially by those who are less melinated. This disrupts the narrative about what truly it means to be an activist.

To be a true activist must one has to be self-less in that radical acceptance of one self’s flaws and all and basically be fully cognizant and recognize that are enemy is truly just the mirror of ourselves but amplified in the reality that we see as The Other.

The Mind sees the Other in order to make sense of these inner demons. But when these demons are harpies that are in the voices of the past (a strict teacher who thought was your mentor betrays you–professor preys on a student knowingly and has a record of it happening but he (and it tends to be a cis het male or one who disguises himself as one) because he has tenure in academia is a huge example.

Another is that in our very social justice movements men who once again men who use (using social justice movement terms and “social capitol” which is unionizing term in regular conversation means “clout” ) as means to self-aggrandize (self-promote) by using their narrative as a young man struggling that wants to lead the masses but secretly uses it to access and prey on the weak who are seeking guidance for a larger cause outside of themselves …

What I am getting at is this… if we cannot get our own shit together because we need to protect our vulnerable selves from this onslaught of negativity within our own communities we are going to die as a movement.

The bravest people I know have empathy and compassion. I am seeing the youth depressed because their very education is used against them. That their specialized fields are used to to create factions in academia where they are competing against those already established in academia so they have no choice but be forced in indentured servitude to corporations to pay off debt

I don’t know what to say. I have been trying my best at 50 years old as my “Baby Yoda” self to lead because I am an elder-emergent but I need to you come forth now and protect me and others like me who are currently displaced from housing and being blocked to qualify for any public assistance and human resources because I do not meet their critical criteria of what it is to be “disabled.”

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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