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car peril

Hey, now for the third and final technology review, I’m reviewing our car.  Car peril!  I don’t know if you remember those other reviews–I reviewed the bad tech I’ve been hating lately!  I reviewed the annoying phone and the egregious chrome book.


Our car is a Mitsubishi Mirage.  It’s modern; it’s 2018.  We never had such a new car.  Ming bought it from a car rental place.

It’s really small.   We had a Toyota Echo before–that was small too, but not harmfully so.

This Mirage is one of the few cars that has ever physically hurt me.  I’ve bumped my head painfully on a hard plastic handle-thing on the ceiling of it.  I was adjusting my body in my seat, raised up a few inches, bumped my head, and it hurt so bad that I cried.  That happened another time also, less painfully.

I am not a really tall person!  I have short legs and a long torso, and I’m fat, so my big butt makes me like a tall person, maybe?  But I’m of average height.  I feel sorry for all the people who must have hurt their heads on this car.  The hard handle is in a really bad spot.

The front seats are so close together, Ming will bump me over and over again, which is not ok with me.  I have sensory issues, and some days, it upsets me.

The cup holders are a mess.  Oh my god, whoever decided the cupholder locations is burning in engineer hell right now.

The slope of the dashboard is horrible.  I am human–I admit it.  Sometimes, I want to set an object on the dashboard.  What can I say.  But the dashboard is not accommodating.  Everything slides off.  I’ll shove an object into the glovebox.

The gas mileage is great.  But it’s three cylinder, and accelerating on the freeways can be a challenge.  Ming worries the RPMs get too high, going uphill.  Like heat is warping the aluminum engine block, and we’ll suffer for that later.

other review

Here’s a bad review of the 2020 Mirage from an actual car person.  More car peril.  Sad.  I googled to verify that our engine really is three cylinder, which seems weird–it is.  The reviewer mentions the things I mention.

I prefer riding trike.  Maybe one day a decent grocery store will open in our neighborhood within trike distance.

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