Dangerous Compassions

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Hey, I made this art about a quote I like.

“It is kind to ask for help. The one who cannot ask for help, cannot be trusted.”
–the Nuu-chah-nulth tribe of first nation people on the Pacific West Coast, Canada/Vancouver Island
That idea is important to me.  I asked some family and friends for help, as my mama’s deathiversary is coming up.  I’m afraid I’ll be very sad.  Felt good to ask for help, and see how my peeps replied.
“Coincidence is better than conspiracy,” Ming said.  I found that a brilliant quote.  Two of our grocery products just delivered expire February 14th.  That was my parents’ anniversary.
Our house is purple and the delivery address says “purple house, either door.”  But the delivery person today was colorblind.  Can you believe that?  He txted a pic to his wife to ask her which house was purple.
Weird, huh.  I’m marveling.  He explained this all to Ming.  Maybe we should put a sign on our house that says its color.
Yesterday I received this delightful art supply and was very happy.  Did you know I’m a graffiti witch?  It was fun to open my mail while getting some sun.  I think the sun is healing me.
That’s my cell dress.  It was my first time wearing it out; I haven’t liked the long sleeves.  Might cut the sleeves off, with spring’s arrival.  I told Ming, and he said, “Cellular damage.”  Is he a smartie, or what?
“I have the opportunity to use two great quotes from you, in this blog post!” I told Ming.
I quoted the quotes to him.  “That’s advanced,” I said, giving him a thumbs up gesture.
“I love you,” he said.  I’m a lucky graffiti witch.
Then he told me how he’s liking this book I bought for him about kitchen chemistry.  It’s called Culinary Reactions.
You know I hate the hippie new age thing where you’re supposed to see your curses as blessings.  But I can’t help but notice all the good that came out of my near death ulcer bleed.  My mom visited Las Vegas, I learned how to let her care for me again while I was in the hospital, and she met my community and some of my local peeps.  I learned that my concerns about hospitals were entirely founded.  And Ming learned how to cook a lot more.
Thank you to Ming for flexibility and sweet kindness!
Sorry but curses often cause blessings.  Any big event will have reverberations, and some might be good.  I can’t help that’s true.  Thanks, hippies.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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