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best modern songs

Someone asked for a list of favorite songs of 2000 – 2020.  Wow, how could I tackle such a range.  But I thought of that as the modern period.  Best modern songs.

I tried to pick stuff everybody doesn’t know already.  I hope this is a good mix.  Thank you for caring about what I love, and for asking good questions.

Citizens of the World — Vera for Love


My favorite song is Citizens of the World, which is about peace.  It mentions drones, and Vera for Love is a musician here in Las Vegas.  There’s an air force base near Las Vegas where a lot of drones are flown by remote control, killing people in other lands.  Art is one way to resist!

Red — Robert Majors


I love the ideas about family in this song.  The struggle of how to relate, how to love, anger, learning, and what’s most important.  I relate.  Robert is another Las Vegas musician and sang this song at my mom’s memorial last year.

The Owl and the Tanager — Sufjan Stevens


I like how different this song feels, the queerness, the spookiness, the slowness.  Bird stuff, and ideas.  The hooting–yeah.  I like that it’s long, and it nourishes something in me that doesn’t get attention, usually.  What a song.

Rhythm of Devotion — Sisyphus


The sleigh bells are such a joy.  I love collaboration, and I love this song!

Who Needs a Bath — Half-Handed Cloud

I don’t understand how a simple question can have so much tenderness to it.  Half-Handed Cloud is weird and amazing.

No Me Toques Mal — La Muchacha y La Otra

This has a lot of style and attitude.  I like the lady-ness, empowerment, no-saying.  I like the dreamy figurative language and prettiness of the flowers and cinematography.  “I’m a rebel witch who doesn’t swallow forgetness no more!”  I can relate to the sentiments!

Sometimes I wake up with this song playing in my head.  It’s welcome there.

Thunder Thighs — Miss Eaves

Last year I first heard this song.  So charmingly validating.  I’m way fatter than all the people in the video.  But the sentiments help me feel healed and happy.  It’s fun to dance to.

Stutter — Tim’m West

Someone I loved a lot shared this song with me about ten years ago.  There’s a line in this song–“I’m a die hard stutterer, though I don’t do it no more” that was really important to me and my friend.

Letter to my Landlord — David Rovics

This angry song to a landlord is beautiful, speaking for so many victims of slumlord bullshit.  Property is theft!

Stardust — Eileen and the In-Betweens

I love this band, and this song is a good representative.  That magical sparkly part is a good moment.


These songs help me live!  And my trike does too.  Love to you and your entire life.  I hope you’re getting what you need.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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