Dangerous Compassions

You’ve Been Faithful to Us Clouds

“Is this the hold music?” Ming asked.  He had a sideways skeptical look.

“I wish!” I said, on hold with my doctor’s office.  “What a world that would be.”  Holy hold music, batman.

I had never heard this Half-Handed Cloud song before.  I like how it’s normal song length.  Usually they’re super short, a hit and run!

I remember one time I was sitting at my desk listening to Half-Handed Cloud, and we had a near-stranger zinester houseguest from the Bay Area.

“Is this Half-Handed Cloud?” she asked.

“Yep!” I said.

I registered that her question had been tinged with disgust.  Hahahaha.

That was the houseguest who saw the Pagans for Peace bumper sticker on the cork board in our kitchen and said, “Oh, you’re a witch!” as if everything about me was suddenly clear.

She is also the one who left the big black hat in the Rice Room which we didn’t know what to do with and is still there, pesking all subsequent houseguests!

They look in the closet and ask, “What the hell is that huge hat about?”  Even if they never reach into the closet, they feel like they’re dodging its floppy brim.


Had a good trike ride yesterday.  Look at this little devil graffiti.

What do you think of this flock of no p signs?  Pppppretty exciting!

How about this tractor?  Wow, it’s beautiful, huh.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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