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free Reality

I don’t do a lot of petitions, but I signed this free Reality petition.  I love Reality Winner.  She’s quite a character.  Whistle blowers are my peeps.  I never blew many whistles, but if I could, I hope I would be brave enough.

I signed a petition asking Biden to free Reality Winner.  Here you could find it too, if you care to.

This was my comment.

imprisonment is not safe during covid or any time.  please don’t continue the power play that was begun to show dominance over whistle blowers.  please free Reality.

Also I was singing yesterday and recorded the first part of Kona Lote.  It’s in Bengali and has a nice style.  It’s been six years since I sang in that Vedanta choir in Sacramento, so I’m glad I still remember most of the songs.  Love to my own mind and memory.

If you would like to hear how it’s supposed to sound, you can hear this legit lady sing it.

Ming and I went for a walk yesterday, and I took some pics.  This mask and lighter Gutter Scene may not be typical, but characteristic of our neighborhood.  I love gutters!

I thought this mouse toy was a mouse, at first.

This cute pic of Ming with curtido makes me smile.

Ming put up this new art that’s been waiting for a wall.  It’s goddess art by Ravi Zupa.  Yeah!!  Durga and Kali are welcome to bless our bedroom.  The quotes are good too.  I’ve loved Borges for a long time.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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