Dangerous Compassions


I made some art this morning.  It’s about support, love, interconnection, and being safe.

Had a great trike ride yesterday  Riding trike is so lovely.  What joy it brings me, and some health also, which can be another joy.

I was charmed by the couch, obviously.  Trash love forever.

Ordered this strawberry shortcake shirt for myself, based on deep nostalgia, strawberry love, and something about green and pink together.  Something about my homeland and my mom.

But I washed it, and the mouth of strawberry shortcake got harmed.  I was sad!  I pulled it out of the washing machine, looked at it, and just about cried.

I took this pic and emailed the company to complain.  They’re sending a new shirt, but I have zero faith another try will be more successful.  The whole graphic seems barely stuck on there.

So I’m trying to think what to do with this harmed one.  I need to get a patch or something to put there.  Irreverently, I thought of putting a joint there.  But I don’t even like weed.  It would be double-funny, since I don’t like weed.  But that doesn’t seem like me.

A carrot?  A speech bubble, if I would think of what she should say.  I could put someone else’s head over her head, but I can’t think of who.  Please let me know, if you have any good ideas.

I needed veg really bad, so my good friend brought me two zucchini and a cauliflower.  Wow, love can do amazing things.


Thank you to helpful friends, all the kinds of help.  I love you.  Thank you for interconnection.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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