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candy tasting party

Hey, guess what.  Our friend gave us candy for Christmas, mailed in the mail.  It was exciting to receive.  There was jewelry, from another friend, who is the candymaker’s partner.  We hung the pendants as ornaments by some bunnies.

I wanted to show you pics of the candy tasting party.  Ming had carried my chair outside, so I could catch some afternoon rays, and he brought a little folding table too, and all the candy.  Great activity for early January, our new year fun.

Wow!  Lots of candy!  Abundance bordering on overwhelm!

I had a hunch a certain one might be super delicious.  And I was right–it was the winner.  It tasted like chocolate, but peanut butter chocolate?  Maybe like…white chocolate with peanut butter in it?

candy tasting party

Is it just me, or does Ming look like an overly mirthful anime character in this picture?  I can’t help but smile back!

Then we tried the candied orange peels.  Wow!  They were the big surprise of the candy tasting party.  I didn’t know this material I had considered refuse could become a lively treat!

It’s delicious in a fruity way.  I thought candied orange peel was old fashioned.  Our community member came by, as we were tasting candy.  He is 20 years older than I am and had never heard of candied orange peel, which surprised me.

candy tasting party

There are other neat candies also.  One has a chocolate layer and another layer which is maybe a bit cookie-ish?  Or like a butterfinger maybe.  How would you describe that middle part of a butterfinger?  It’s different–it has a different texture.  Might be flour in there–not sure!

candy tasting party

We got full of sugar and never tried the lollipops!  Next time.

Thank you to friends who are kind to us in many ways.  We appreciate your care.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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