Dangerous Compassions

lentil burgers

I made some lentil burgers, a while back.  They turned out with a delicious flavor.  But they didn’t stay together all that well.

I put a little tiny bit of ground sage.  The onions were very nice.  Garlic, of course.  Telling you about it makes me want to make lentil burgers again.

Lentils can be like exercise, for me.  Beforehand, they seem unappealing.  But then I really love them, during.

Smoked paprika is great too, black pepper, salt.  Lentils are so humble, but I need them.  That’s life.

Last night Ming helped me make this zucchini.  I started it, and he finished it.  With salt, pine nuts, and queso fresco–how delicious.

sky sky

The moon through fig tree branches was beautiful.  I couldn’t stop staring.

The sky is just amazing.


I wrote a six page letter this morning.  Hadn’t done that in a while.  Felt like the old days.

A friend I email with a lot wrote me a paper letter in response to some zines I sent to him.  Getting that kind of detailed feedback is rare to the point of singular!

I answered a lot of questions.  I like curious people.  Questions are my favorite.

desk problem

My desk is overflowing with projects.  I thought the road to hell was paved with good intentions.  But now I think my desk is.  Good intentions are piled on one another and sometimes slip onto the floor.

Yeah, I have a problem–it’s like an addiction.  Maybe I’m addicted to half-finished projects.  Or addicted to poor time management?  Addicted to being in the middle of things, or not finishing.  My life is not that chaotic anymore, but my desk certainly is.


Yesterday I saw an amazing cloud.  It was above a mountain that was sprinkled with snow.  I watched the amazing cloud dissipate over the course of ten minutes or so.  There and gone.

“I think I like clouds a little too much,” I told Ming.

A good thing about clouds is that they can’t be hoarded.  We can see the amazing clouds, see them go, and trust that new ones will arrive.  Thank you, sky.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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