Dangerous Compassions



My friend came over for courtyard socializing.  We wore masks and talked a lot.  She gave me this gift of flower seeds, incense, and a tea blend she made.  Smells delicious.

What a kind gift–of growth, newness, fertility, joy.  Good treats for the senses.

I gave her this Taynee Tinsley print of a beautiful tattooed fat brown woman.  My gift was good only for the sight-sense, but there are ideas there too.

gift art

I burned some gift incense, and the smoke kept us company.  Stuck the incense stick in a strawberry pot.

Now a different friend is distantly houseguesting.  We socialized a little last night, distantly in the courtyard also.

I went over to her side of the house to deliver a hardboiled egg and some salt.  We got into a conversation distantly.  She stood in the doorway, and I stood outside, wearing not enough clothing for the coolness of the night air.

Today we might go for a bike ride.  Love to you and whatever kind of family you have going, lately.  Mine is me, Ming, and brilliant ladies who distantly visit and tell me welcome, new ideas.

Ming is a gift

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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