Dangerous Compassions

sky spiders

Hey, how are you?  I’m recovering from Christmas.  How about you?  I made a meme, if something so obvious could be a meme.

I have a musician friend who co-created some new music I wanted to share with you.  The band is called Sky Spiders and the Imperceptible Web.  This is a small Christmas album!

I think my favorite song is the last one.  Funny, touching, poignant, and catchy.  But I want to hear it all some more.

Sad Tiny Christmas is a great idea.  My Christmas feelings are so whacked and inappropriate!  So I can relate to the lack of Christmas bliss.

I am all about complicating Christmas.  Queering Christmas, subverting Christmas, cripping Christmas.  Resisting Christmas–challenging, revamping.  Seeing Santa in wrong ways.  Doing gifts wrong–resisting capitalism for fun.  Perverting the perverted, holiday style.

Mostly I’m shifting my winter energy to solstice, which makes more sense to me, while letting go of parts I never liked.  Grieving my mom involves loss, pain, and so much suffering!  But also reclaiming freedom and organizing my life how I want to, now that her needs are no longer central.

printed words

You know I have a short poetry zine from a few years ago, Christmas is About Death.  My bestie made the cover–it depicts a mass of tangled ornament hangers.  I have to admit it’s not the happiest zine in the world.  But you might like it!  If you like poems about Christmas and death.

Also there’s a book Keeping the X which is Christmas poems my bestie and I exchanged for years, and our prompts, with drawings too.  It’s beautiful.  Well, they are Christmas poems in the sense of Christmas gifts.  They’re mostly not about Christmas.

Thank you for holding my hand as we do this hard part.  Recovering from Christmas is possible because you help me.  We will make it to next year.  I appreciate what you do for me and everyone you love.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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