Dangerous Compassions

happy boxing day

Hey, happy Boxing Day.  What the heck–we made it.  We made it safely to the other side of xmas.

My friend made this Star Jar and sent it to me as a present.  What do you think?  I think it’s gorgeous, sweet–a glowy friend I can carry around with me, trustworthy to glow.

Honestly, candles make me slightly anxious.  They are a fire hazard.  They are already on fire.  Star Jar is the best thing about candles in a safer form.

Another friend asked how it worked, so I took this pic to show her the batteries of the lights.  There’s a switch.

I’m glad there are batteries, because when the batteries die, I will replace them.  I would like to carry this Star Jar around with me for all of my days.

Another gift I received is this special life preserving water device from Ming.

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with water.  I also have a prepper mentality, but I don’t like guns, so some say I make a bad prepper.  This straw will help me have water, if needed.  It eliminates giardia and other little tiny organisms that cause illness like that.

Other gifts I received were money, foods…  I actually haven’t even opened all of my gifts.  And a couple letters I’ve received are languishing in their envelopes also.  It’s slow progress.

I rode my bike yesterday.  It was a good ride, but my thighs are not as strong as I would like.  We know the solution to that.  No, not more sex, though that could help.  More riding bike!

I’ve had that skirt so many years, worn only once or twice.  So long I stretched the waistband elastic to make sure it wasn’t crispy.  Ming got the skirt hemmed, and it’s way better now.  Eight inches, I asked Ming to tell the tailor.


My friend eeeb made this zine Drawing Clean and Serene, and I colored another page from it.

Another page I colored has lots of warm colors.  Christmas Eve I did some singing, which is why my music binder is there.  Singing to God / myself / Bunny.

Here’s this other one too, the first one I did.  I enjoy learning about my friend’s art by spending time coloring it.  The semi-symmetry is amazing.

I wrote some poems about that art.  Before, coloring stressed me out.  I was afraid of doing it wrong, strangely.  Others said it was relaxing, and I couldn’t relate.  But the smallness of these helps, and my friend is cozy, so it’s easier, almost like spending time with him.

I prepped some outgoing mail this morning.  Almost caught up on my polos–so close.

Lots of activity for a barely getting by person.  I was afraid an anvil of grief would hit me, for xmas.  I had some big moods, but I did ok.  Didn’t throw sugar at anyone.

If you’re reading this, probably that means you survived too.  I don’t think ghosts can read.  Happy Boxing Day to all the Christmas survivors.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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