Dangerous Compassions


Hey, guess what.  The sun keeps rising and setting like usual.  Thanks, sun.

sun set

I caught the day’s last rays.

Some people like to watch their chickens.  “Better than tv,” they say.  Some like to watch the grass grow.  We live in the desert and do not have any grass.  We could watch creosote grow!

sun set

The moon is on Ming’s shoulder!  I like to watch Ming.  And the sky.


Another thing I like is zines.  I made this spongy meme to make fun of myself accurately about my zine enthusiasm.  Hope it works.

I made this meme yesterday also, to make fun of myself in another way.  Probably you see the DIY irony.  It’s not depicting my own journey, as I made zines way before blogs.

But the main idea makes me laugh: I spurn mainstream publishing.  Zines rule–books drool.  Now publish my zine anthology.

I have the title picked out and everything.  Marketing is hard.  I have a bunch of zine-age tucked away, gathering virtual dust, ready to go word-wise, from when my mom was dying a lot.  It can be hard for me to connect to that person I was.  But I’d like to try.

My desk is the messiest it’s ever been, which reflects my mind.  Projects are lost under projects.  I become less responsible.

Thanks for being patient with me as I try new things, sit outside, and shift priorities, values, needs, behaviors.  Everything.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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