Dangerous Compassions

happy Solstice

Hey, happy solstice.  It’s a sacred day, for me.  I hope to do some extra fun stuff, in addition to my normal stuff.  Extra fun: make some solstice art, special gardening, sing.  Maybe a ritual, if I’m lucky.  There’s a Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective meeting also.

A few days ago I recorded a new garden tour, of our disabled permaculture desert garden.  Please give a look / listen, if you get the chance.

Love to my friends, fans, damies, homies, fam, temporary intentional chosen fam, snoopy enemies, ex-es, community members, strangers, and random passers by.

You are filled with the returning light.  The light of the happy solstice.  Thank you for what you contribute to the well-being of all.  Blessings on your journey.

happy solstice selfie
Middle aged fat white woman smiling not that successfully selfie. I’m wearing a blue shirt with flowers and dark red lace shirt over that. My hair is brown.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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