Dangerous Compassions

nuclear weapons are illegal

Something happened with the abolition of nuclear weapons.  Nuclear weapons are illegal.  A magic number was reached, 50 countries who say no to nuclear weapons.  So now it’s illegal to have them, by United Nations treaty.  Sounds great for peace.

The countries who voted against nuclear weapons don’t have them.  I had a conversation with Ming about this, like are they all poor countries who couldn’t afford them?  Do all the countries have them, who believe they need them?

January 22nd is a special day to celebrate this treaty, that nuclear weapons are illegal.  We have a banner for it.

“I am my beloved’s and he is mine.  His banner over me is love.”

Also, the sky was really pretty at sunset the other day.

Also, the Space X person is talking about nuking Mars to help it become more habitable.  Did you hear about this?  I emailed Ming an article about it, and then he explained it to me.  Atmosphere, temperature, exploration.  Something about melting ice, radiation, what space is like.

“Is this real?” I asked.  “Maybe he’s just trying to get attention.”

“Maybe,” Ming said.

“Yeah, I think he’s just goofing around.  But then again–that’s what I said about Trump becoming president.”  We had a good laugh, then.  It still seems like a joke, to me.

Terraforming is a cool word.  I’m not so keen on space exploration.  Ming believes very differently.  It’s interesting to have totally divergent viewpoints.  In most ways, he and I are two peas in a pod.  Disagreeing is strange, and I’m glad it’s something far out.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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