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food photos

Here are some food photos, for your salivating pleasure.


I cooked some amaranth for breakfast, but I used coconut milk instead of water.  And I used my crockpot on the white rice setting.  Wow, it carmelized a little on the bottom, and was sweet.  This was trader joe’s coconut milk.  It was supposed to be full-fat, but there didn’t seem to be a lot of solids in it.

The most surprising part is the coconut milk lost its creaminess.  It seemed to separate out, like it was oily instead of creamy.  Strange, huh.

I put pecans in it, and the whole thing was so rich, I couldn’t finish it.  Usually I love rich, so it was weird.  Good experiment.  But I will not do it that way again soon.


Here are some veggie pakoras from Mt Everest.  They were so delicious.  Veg in chickpea flour batter, deep fried.  Yes, please.  The beautiful hand is Ming’s hand.


The bright pink kiddie pool we planted with radish seeds is mostly full of radish greens now.  I like greens so much.  There’s a little amaranth plant still living in there too, reddish, on the left.  It was a volunteer we dug up from J’s garden at the Worker.

This chile pepper is blooming, mid-December.  Go, flower, go!


I bought some cargamanto beans at the international market.  They are so beautiful.  I put some on my altar.  A few days ago, I cooked some up in my magical crockpot.

They’re beautifully plump, and tasted pretty good.  Ming really liked them!  We had some coconut milk in the fridge, so I asked Ming to pour some over my beans.  They were tasty that way.

Ming asked me why I like coconut milk in my beans.  “I like butter, tahini, coconut milk.  Something fatty.  Tastes great!  Like some people put lard.”  He understood.

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