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watercolor lesson

Yesterday my friend came over to give me a watercolor lesson.  It was fun to learn about how to do it.  She taught me about warm and cool colors, the kind she uses from a tube, and a little about mixing colors.  We tried wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on wet, and dry on dry.

[Six tubes of watercolor are on a table–two yellows, two reds, and two blues.]
I enjoyed her company, conversation, learning, being out in the courtyard distantly with her.  She likes Daniel Smith colors.  The weather was good.

I liked making friends with watercolors, during this watercolor lesson.  It stressed me out, when I was a kid.

It was hard to have to rinse the brushes.  That was the hardest part, for me.  Is my brush clean enough.  Is it bad, I wasted too much paint.

When I paint normally with acrylics, I don’t rinse my brush much, except at the end.  I don’t care if some colors mix together weirdly.  That kind of chaos is ok with me.

I made this thing with blue lines and colors inside the blue lines.  It was relaxing.  I didn’t rinse my brush.

[Two pieces of paper are taped to a piece of cardboard with some colorful abstract painting.]
Love to my friend who gave the watercolor lesson and teaches me a lot about things besides painting too.  Like about communication, kindness, death, what happens when people die, how to make cornhusk dolls, the wheel of the year, family relationships, and how to be happy.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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