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The Secrets of Galaxy High School


This zine by Paul Franklin offers an overview of the cartoon series Galaxy High School from 1986.  I love this zine series project of looking closely at cartoons, and Paul does a great job talking about the content, style, politics, and feel.

I like how Paul focuses on the characters and storytelling of Galaxy High School, as well as the messages and values conveyed in the episodes.  And I like how he talks about a couple specific episodes, best and worst.  I trust his perspectives.

Again, I had never watched this cartoon as a kid or adult, but the zine is a great read.  Cartoons are important to a lot of people, and help shape culture!

All this info could be conveyed multiple ways, such as an article on a website, but what makes this zine special as a zine is how the visual art–cover art and inside art–adds a whole other dimension to the experience of the words.  The art has a lot of personality in it, and adds a nonverbal experience that resonates in a different way.

Also, the shortness of the zine is pleasurable.  I like a bite-sized experience.  It’s non-intimidating and very easy to pick up, ponder, share with a friend.

These zines about cartoons of the past are fun to read individually, but fun also cumulatively.  I like amassing some cultural knowledge that goes overlooked or often seems trivialized.  The depth of these zines is gratifying.  I don’t feel like I’m getting a Master’s degree, but it’s way more than cursory.

Feels significant and like something is being fed inside me that’s hungry for a new understanding of childhood forces and how we form into the people we are.  Thank you to Paul for sending me these zines.  You can contact him at run.rabbit.runner at gmail.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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