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one star

And now for something completely different.  Here is a bad review I wrote for a chromebook computer; I ghost wrote it as Ming, because he’s the one with the costco membership.  One star!  Do not recommend!

This is the worst computer I have ever bought.  I bought one for my spouse.  It was fine, except the speakers crackled.  She loves music, so that was a problem for her.

The person I called at Costco concierge said to reset the sound software, which I did, which did nothing.  They also recommended that we use the computer with external speakers or headphones.  It was ridiculous that I should have to supply my own speakers for a new computer.

I returned it and got a new one, the exact same model.  The second one has the exact same speaker issue–it crackles on some notes, on some songs, on some volumes, not constantly.  We didn’t return it because we had already returned one, and felt bad to return a second.

But there’s also an issue with the built in mouse.  Pressing the computer next to the mouse on the left side registers as a mouse click, without clicking the mouse.  So pressing anywhere on that part of the computer is a mouse click, like the sensor has an issue.  This was right out of the box.

My spouse is a musician and needs a computer that has functional speakers.  We’ve had multiple chromebooks over the years, and this is the worst by far.  I think it was mass produced for children going to school and hp hoped the kids would be using headphones or otherwise not complain about the poor sound.  It’s very disappointing to get such a shoddy product from Costco.


What do you think of my bad review?

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