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weird day

Raise your hand if you’re having a weird day!

Yesterday was a weird day.  We went to the storage unit.  They raised the rent again, so we’re trying to clean it out and toss as much as possible.

I was upset about a day’s worth of hurt.  A friend was suffering from being mistreated by medicine even more than I am.  I was angry at the harm, and I had energy in my body that wanted to break stuff.  “Bad energy” I called it.  Howling seemed like the thing to do, but I had no safe place to howl.

I stretched instead, moving my arms around in swimming motions, reaching up, twisting and reaching to the sides.  Circling my arms and shoulders.

Breathing deeper than usual felt good.  I moved over to this light pole that has a concrete hump where it connects to the ground–I put my foot up on the hump and stretched my leg muscles.  Then the other leg.  That felt good too.

I was getting back in my body after churning in my head a lot.  Releasing some anger from my muscles.  It was healing to love my body by moving around.

The storage units have these roll up doors, bright lime green, and it was afternoon.  I saw my shadow on the doors and liked the look.  So I grabbed my phone from the car.

green door

Then home again, the sun was setting, and the clouds were breathtaking.

big clouds

Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective

In the evening was a Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective meeting, one of the best ever.  I felt nourished, supported, stimulated, curious, amused in the best way.  What we said about humor was really cool.

I felt connected to many people who are new friends and old.  Got to meet a friend who I’ve known through the mail for around 15 years?  I cried, to see her smile and hear her cute Canadian accent.  My heart is still warmed.

radical mental health

This screenshot was taken when two people had left, who could come only for the beginning.  So there were 12 people total, a guinea pig, an energetic dog, and a cat or two.

It was a weird day over all, with tons of feelings, some unwanted.  I was arguing with someone in my head for a while, unproductively, in the morning.  By the end of the day, it had been an incredible day.

Probably I will continue to recover today.  I’ll feed my body good foods, get a mix of rest and physical moment, connect with the people I talk to daily, do what sustains me.  Love to all.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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