Dangerous Compassions

fat hiker




I love being myself, so I love being a fat hiker.  Walking on desert ground and seeing those amazing plants that heal my soul.  Seeing rocks, trash, sky, clouds.  Hearing quiet.  Feeling wind and warmth.

Moving through space a lot–pausing to stretch or dance and get my wiggles out.  Pausing to take a photo or touch a branch.

I held a creosote branch today.  Felt like holding hands with it.  Reminded me of holding rocks and the rock feels like a person.  Deep comfort of contact with that being.

I’m grateful to my body for letting me walk most days, and to Ming for honoring my request to go out to nature.  I know nature is everywhere, even me.  But it’s special to take a hike and wonder about a trail marker on its side on the ground, some wooden posts that have no apparent purpose.

A round silver bearing was placed as a trap or lure, stuck in a joshua tree, appealing to liberate, but dangerous to reach for.  Those sharp spikes are legit sharp spikes.  We considered it litter and worked together–used a long stick to flick it out.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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