Dangerous Compassions

citrus violence

“I’m going to pummel you.  With pomelos,” I said.  Yeah, I can threaten violence here.  But citrus violence seems less bad.

He was not actually afraid.  I never follow through on my offers of violence.

I was standing at the sink–I’d generated a ton of green waste by sorting old basil to make pesto and preparing lots of asparagus.  “What if we did hugelkultur…with asparagus stems?” I asked Ming.  I was laughing.  “Yeah, I’m going to tell you a bunch of ridiculous notions and then take a picture of your reactions.  What if we did hugelkutur…with asparagus stems?”

[Asian person has a wide open mouth of surprise and wears a purple sweatshirt jacket and white teeshirt.]
I gotta think of more shocking notions.  People being responsible and doing what they say they’ll do is the most shocking notion I can think of.  Or yeah, caring about the well-being of all, as opposed to the bank balance of self.  That’s a kind of responsibility though, huh.

Also I am considering having parsley for hair instead of hair.  I think it’s hella pretty.

I picked this from our garden yesterday morning to give a friend who was handing off a flash drive out toward Henderson, but there was a mix up, and the parsley was not delivered to him.  But it’s still good.

vase parsley
[Parsley in a spice bottle is dark green and curves over.]
Ming was waiting and waiting for the sun to come up, but when it finally came up, he got sleepy and went back to bed.  Poor sweetheart.  Narcoleptic irony.

I made vegan pesto quinoa pasta with asparagus and pine nuts for breakfast.  Yeah!  Some people would consider it a citrus violence, that I don’t put lemon juice in my pesto.  But I love it this way.

pesto asparagus
[A small pot on a stove has pesto pasta, asparagus, and pinenuts in it.]

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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