Dangerous Compassions


“Bet you didn’t know it was so easy to make me happy,” I told Ming.  “All you have to do is stand in line at the international grocery store for a while.”

Lately I want fava beans really bad.  Especially frozen fava beans.  I put them in the fake instapot as my rice is cooking, with the water and salt, and it’s amazing.  Then I put some butter and some pine nuts in my bowl and chow down!  That’s my favorite meal lately.

What do you think about that?  You should try it.  Those foods work together, synergistic, to create lots of joy in my mouth.  I tried to photograph my meal for you, but I kept eating it before I could snap a pic.

I usually like all soft, in a dish, but the pine nuts are slightly crunchy, and it’s nice.  The pine nut flavor with the fava beans flavor, with the the rice softness and salty butter fattiness–wow.

As it cooks, I put garlic in the fake instapot too, around four cloves sliced in half.  They make it even better.


I was telling Ming this fantasy I had about fava beans.  “What if I served a meal that had fava beans three different ways.  There would be fava beans in rice, ful, maybe some kinda sauce with fava beans…”

He wants to support me and my dreams, but he was driving and didn’t share my enthusiasm that much.

“Oh, I should open a restaurant called Favism, and all the dishes would have fava beans in them.  Wow, how would that be?”

Favism is actually an illness people get from eating fava beans.  I thought you had to have a genetic mutation to get the illness, but it’s more like lactose intolerance.  Favism causes anemia episodically.  Even walking through a field of blooming fava beans plants–wow.  I guess it’s common.

Other ideas are a fava bean cookbook and a fava bean cookzine.


“Why is it so hard to find frozen fava beans in the US?” I asked.  “They’re so good!!!”

“A movie,” Ming said.

“Oh!  Really?”  I was taken aback.  “Could a movie be so powerful like that?”

“Yeah,” he said.

“Wow, ok,” I said.  “Sad.  People are really missing out.”

Some nasty killer movie ruined fava beans for a whole country.  Weird.

“I guess people get the country they deserve,” I said, which is an idea that’s been on my mind lately, especially when I feel like giving up.

Oh, Laura-Marie.  Kick your nihilism to the curb.  You can eat fava beans and stay strong to change the world with love.

I can’t hate myself into a version of myself that I’ll love.  But maybe I can love the world into a slightly kinder world.  Hope so.

[Rice, salt, butter, pinenuts, and cauliflower instead of fava beans, this version.]

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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