Dangerous Compassions

new art

I made some new art–a new oracle card for my garden deck.  There was a draft and then the actual.

art atc

art atc

It’s ok if you like the draft better.  I’m ok with however you feel about my art.

liking lately
  1. how people go into their cars and idle a while while checking voicemail or replying to a txt
  2. frozen fava beans in my rice–yes!
  3. searching my desk for something and coming up will tons of other things I totally forgot about–I told a friend, it’s like visiting my own museum
  4. sleep and dreams
  5. changing seasons changing me
  6. my body’s amazing ability to heal
  7. these HEAVY stickers Ming pulled off a box for me

I admired the yellow HEAVY stickers and said I wanted to wear one–he got a boxcutter and gave me two from the box.  That’s the kind of person he is.  True love.


It’s like an overgrown atc, automatic art.  Found art.

I don’t think I showed you these arts, though they’re from a few days ago.  I txted them to some people.

yellow and orange


I was at this midwife place for some health help.  Standing around before my appointment, I saw there are herbs and stuff for sale.  I espied a hunk of bismuth for four dollars.  Then I was like–wow.  I love bismuth!  Seemed underpriced.

Prized among bisexual people, bismuth is an element whose symbol is bi.  It’s angular and strange.  Also it’s rainbowy, or gets oxidization that’s rainbowy.

Whatdayathink–oh my god.  Pretty freakin incredible, huh.  This is a public domain pic from wikicommons.


I didn’t buy anything that day, but when I had to return to the midwifery for more health, I knew I would buy that bismuth if it was still there.  In the car, I asked Ming for cash.  Happily, I planned to tell the story and say, “Bismuth be my lucky day.”

Alas.  There was no bismuth at all–four dollars or otherwise.  “Bismuth not be my lucky day,” I said instead.  But I have faith I will get some bismuth another day, another way.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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