Dangerous Compassions

Goldwell open air museum

desert art

art sculpture

Hey, aren’t these wraith sculptures irresistible?  Ming and I visited this Goldwell open air museum at Rhyolite.

We wanted to go inside the wraiths.  Ming hesitated, but other tourists did not.  Ming was afraid the wood would break beneath his feet.

We walked the labyrinth.  Felt great.  It’s simple spiral style.

There were no offerings at the center.  I wanted to leave a candy but thought it might be considered litter.  Almost left a Starburst from my emergency candy bag, but stopped myself.  “I guess that’s not the custom here,” I said.

I remember the first time I ever walked a labyrinth with Ming, eight and a half years ago, at the Goddess Temple.  That was sacred.  He brought me good things, and brings me good things even now.

desert sculpture

This mosaic is part of an art bench. There was a sign that said “sit gently” which is an idea I like a lot.

desert art sculpture

desert art sculpture

old metal road sign


The sky will always be my darling.  Clouds are so dear to me, my best best friends.  The Goldwell open air museum sculptures are there, intentional, with effort.  Clouds are free, in every way.  No borders.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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