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meme capture

“Oh, I really love you.  I captured a meme for you,” I told Ming.  Meme capture is like killing a huge deer and dragging it home for him, were I not a disabled vegetarian non-hunter.

“Captured it–was it in the wild?”
“Yes, the wild of google images.”  Meme capture can be a love language.  You probably already know that.
“And then I’m really forgetful, because I forgot to send it to you.  Maybe I could just show it to you on my phone.  The old fashioned way,” I said.
We laughed about the old fashioned way.  We were in bed, at an in between time.
This is the meme in question.  The point was the word allistic, which I had mentioned to him days before.
[Meme of venn diagrams explaining neurotypical  and neurodivergent options.]

This meme also I downloaded, in an effort to please him and encourage him to mate with me.  I thought he would get a laugh, as he loved to use Map My Ride and prove shit.  “Photos or it didn’t happen.”

green meme

Then I was criticizing hippie cliches of how to behave socially.  Some people want to apply them universally, when that might not be helpful.
“Yeah, I hear that,” I said to Ming.  “I hear people say, ‘Don’t take things personally.’  Well, you’re a person.  I’m going to take you personally.”  We pondered this.
“I’m not going to take a duck personally,” I added.
“What, you don’t like ducks?” Ming asked.
“I hate ducks!  You don’t know what ducks have done to me.”  I thought of seeing ducks on park walks, duck bad behavior of marauding flocks of males, duck eggs I was given by a priestess, long ago.  Feeding kitchen scraps to ducks at the Goddess Temple, back before the small flock was eaten by coyotes.
Duck pain.  Feeding bread to park ducks, before it was publicized that ducks suffer health issues, from that pastime to please children.
“I don’t give a fuck about a duck.  Hmm, I’m not supposed to hate, either,” I said.
radioactive chicken heads
“Speaking of clucks? I was watching some Radioactive Chicken Heads videos.”
“I didn’t know their songs had videos,” Ming said.
“Yeah, I recognized where one of them was filmed.  That eucalyptus field in Goleta.  At least, it looked like that field…”
I thought about how fields can look like other fields, and important stuff that happened in that field, when I was a teenager.
“I like the Bad Bunny one,” I said.  “There’s this evil Easter Bunny.  But it takes its face off and has another face underneath that’s a robot face, and it has red eyes that shoot lasers.”
I realized how silly that sounded.  “There’s some violence.  I don’t even like pretend violence that’s supposed to be funny.”
I put this here for you, Esteemed Reader and Video Viewer.  The “radishes too” part is nice.  And “cotton tail.”  Thank you to artists who do the good work.  Love to your day.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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