Dangerous Compassions

de myste

[Black vase is ornately beaded and features a prominent skull bead.]
I have an artist friend De Myste who does amazing work.  How did I get close to so many artists?  Guess I’m just lucky.  Or we’re all crazy birds, flocking together.

As De Myste, this friend beads the skulls of animals, beads vases and everyday objects, crafts jewelry, draws pictures, and makes body products with nourishing ingredients.  Her art is elegant, complex, and stunning.

She did the art for Laura-Marie’s zines hat genius 19, I have a policy against hugs, and how to make an emotional first aid kit.  So you might recognizer her style.  She used the name Danielle Rose Lyman for those projects.

hat genius 19 zine
[Three zines with friend’s art are hat genius 19, I have a policy against hugs, and how to make an emotional first aid kit.]
I love the way my friend incorporates ideas of death, so important to face with honesty.  Beauty helps too.  The art stokes difficult ideas and comforts me with beauty at the same time.  It’s a thrilling combination.

I also love the richness of the colors she uses, the fine details and elegance, and how she pulls in ideas of the precious fragility of the moment.  She honors the materials she works with and has great values, using bones responsibly harvested.

de myste art
[Bird skull is beautifully adorned with mostly pink beads and clear quartz crystals, attached to a black board.]
I’m always impressed with this friend’s work.  She is a kind person, and constantly learning and changing–she reads a lot and has smart politics.  We met at Food Not Bombs years ago.  She builds community in multiple ways, including radical mental health and street medic work.  I respect her like crazy.

Please consider De Myste for your art needs and gifting needs.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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