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art lately

[On a pink background, a hare in orange is valid.]
art on a tag
[Another orange valid hare on a pink background with orange edges. Words are on the edge too, like, “Thank you for learning.”]
rabbit art
[Three blue hares share a triangle of ears. They want strawberries.]
Art lately is helping me process my experiences, comfort myself, and communicate my reality.  I thought you might like to see some.  Lots of rabbits / hares.

Here’s an atc I made.  It’s appropriately called Jesus Wept.

atc art
[Jesus cries tears of stylized blood, on a background of stylized sky and clouds.]
This is some envelope-age about pollination, science, and a red bee.

science drawings
[A red bee has energy lines around it, and three red flowers do also. Text says “could have been what someone meant by science.”]
What’s with me and bunnies, anyway.  They represent life, motion, liveliness, and fecundity, to me.  Small vulnerable furry animals that dart, appear, disappear.  Serious and cute, always hunted.  Ever-evading the hawk, coyote, and other hungry predators.

I guess I’m working through something pertaining to rabbitness.


On instagram I kept liking some art.  I’d notice it was tagged as psychedelic.  I was like–weird!  Didn’t know I was into psychedelic art.

Weird since I never took mushrooms, LSD, DMT, ecstasy, salvia, San Pedro, peyote, or any of that.  I told Ming, “I guess I don’t need to.”  I hear voices on my own, and my world view might be kinda trippy.

People would sometimes assume things about me based on my love of tiedye–that I like psychedelics.   Or that I loved the Grateful Dead.  Hmm.

Grateful to Ming and other friends who support me and accept my art txts graciously.  Thank you for listening and understanding.  Love to the bunnies.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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