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My friend and collaborator eeeb has an online art shop that’s open, now.

I believe in eeeb’s art and community projects.  I always want to help fund his good life and caring choices.  His co-housing, art parties, cat care, garden work, recovery work, street art appreciation, and support of his local recovery meeting place all impress me, as well as his attentive friendship.

Check out the recovery zine Drawing Clean and Serene, which has the best art titles I have ever read.  “We Can Only Keep What We Have By Giving it Away,” is a favorite.  The zine is numbered, and only 100 will ever be made.  It can be enjoyed as is, or you can collaborate, coloring-book style.

[Coloring book zine Drawing Clean and Serene, limited numbered copies.]
There are also cool art shirts, in different styles, and beautiful prints for sale, made with museum quality.

Eeeb did the art for my mental health zine functionally ill 29, so you might find his style familiar.  Working with him was a pleasure, especially his flexibility.  I also appreciate his follow-through; he’s cakey, not flakey.

zine cover
[Mental health zine functionally ill 29 has eeeb cover art depicting a jar with much materials coming out from it.]
This is a quote I wrote about one of eeeb’s arts.  I was trying out art criticism / blurbing as I expressed my true response to the hopefulness I see in his art.  The hopefulness helps me continue.

“This piece speaks to the persistence of life and vegetal reality, an unstoppable upward movement. Uplifting the eye toward heights of grandeur, this piece convinces us that the triumph of being is unrelated to human struggle. Cellular success will work its way toward the sun. Humanity is merely a footnote to plant power and its gorgeous freedom.”



Thank you for supporting this art shop and independent artists everywhere, who make beautiful things for you.  When it’s time for the little bit of holiday shopping I do, I will turn to independent artists.

Art teaches us about the world and being a person.  Art speaks to us in a wild way, bypassing everyday language and cliches.

I need art for stoking new ideas and teaching me better ways to be who I am.  Thank you to artists, for the food for newness, and helping me become a more authentic being.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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