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Postal Mail

We got some outstandingly appropriate political stickers in the postal mail. We get a lot of postal mail.

Yesterday was a redletter day for postal mail to us.
1. a fellow activist advocated for Nevada Desert Experience to be reimbursed a fuller amount for a portapotty rental we were supposed to be splitting 50/50. The large national organization sent a check for the full amount of the rental, a nice gift to NDE, a much smaller organization. Thank you !
2. “Thanksgiving is near …” began the note that had a gift for me. That was a super surprise. Inside were some articles of interest and newspaper clippings too. Additionally there was a request for some printed copies of the latest Desert Voices newsletters.
3. afore mentioned stickers from the Peace Resource Project. They sent a piece of cardboard with a cat sticker on it. Ostensibly to prevent envelope bending in transit, it is beautiful artwork.
[Cat and cat’s claw in black sticker on brown cardboard.]
Our hero was afraid I would not like her song of day before, day before yesterday. Lovely music. I like the messaging.
[Several peppers of three types and some kitchen scissors with pepper stem residue, on a oven range.]
Peppers are abound in the garden. I harvested all sorts of peppers then saved the seeds for the next generation. Desert container gardening. The tree collards continues to grow and thrive in this island of seclusion from Harlequin bugs.
A review of iOS 14. At first I heard that the Home screen was going to be automatically rearranged. Upsetting to those with visual problems or with precision preferences like myself. I respond with joy at the actual upgraded voluntary Home screen that helps you find an app on the iPhone.
We got an LG Stylo 6 to replace our hero’s aged Motorola Moto. Our hero is still trying it out. Thus ends the LG review.

I thank you, reader of this guestblogger post.

You may recall I usually do not write much as English is like a foreign language to those of us with language impediments.
In case you wonder, I am usually thinking about interpersonal relationships dynamics, Nursing subjects, public health, Jewish history, German and Russian histories.
Things I have a hard time articulating to even poorly reflect what I am thinking about.
disability is valid

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Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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