Dangerous Compassions


Etc, “and so forth,” blah blah blah.  Ipsum whatever Latin / latinate spacefilling dunder.  Claptrap, nonsense, more nonsense.  Hogwash wash wishes and emptiness.  Whatever with a side of whatever and non-sauce.  Blurble and more blurble.  Ahem.


The other day I was trying out the speech recognition on my new cell phone.  It was in a txt to Ming.  I was talking a bunch of nonsense so I could see what it got translated as, into English.  Then I laughed and laughed.

One of my favorite nonsense words is blurble.  It’s my go to nonsense word.  I’ll tell Ming, “Blurble whir-ble.  Blink blonk.”  Yeah, that’s how we do it at Chez Ming and Laura-Marie.  Extra blurbley.

[Search results for blurble.]
Hmm, there’s a board game called Blurble.  I had no idea.

speech recognition

Years ago I wanted to do more oral history and bought a windows laptop so I could get some fancy speech recognition software for it.  Payed a pretty penny.  I wanted to do it in a way that would not destroy my arms, transcribing interviews.

Then I could never navigate the software right, and I gave up.  It was sad.  That computer sat a while, until I gave it to a cherished friend.

We were at a Panera in some random town I can’t recall.  I think she was traveling, and we were too?  We diverged from our path?  Or maybe we made the trip specifically to see her.  Yeah, because why would I have had that computer with me, traveling.

There was an issue with the password, though.  I gave her what I thought was the password, and it didn’t work.  So I gave her every other possible password, and those didn’t work either.

She can’t change some settings on it, because she can only log in as a guest.  I’m sorry about that.

I hated the operating system.  Gah, it hurt me.  Probably the second-nastiest windows ever.  One hair’s breadth above a farce.

Farcical operating systems are like popsicles made of liquor.  Both should not be given to children.  Both could be dangerous.  And both are very strange.


Pine nuts and raw garlic are my favorite toppings, lately.

delicious meal
[Rice with chard, topped with raw garlic minced and pine nuts.]

Ming is going to read this blog post and complain that he didn’t understand it.  I’m sorry, sweetheart.  Next time I’ll do better.  I love you.

What makes me laugh more than anything is mistakes.  I’m the person in the world who make me laugh more than anyone.  I am full of mistakes.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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