Dangerous Compassions


I was having a dance party of one, and the music was pausing–got frustrated.  Our wifi is misbehaving.  I have questions about what we’re paying and why it’s so slow and problematic.

I could use my phone and take it off the wifi, but then I have to hear adverts.

Here are some other questions on my mind.

  1. What is your life really like?  What do you do on a daily basis?
  2. Honestly, what makes you most happy?  Please list five things you actually do that make you actually happy.
  3. What do you most want?  What do you think you should most want, and then what do you actually most want?
  4. How do you help the world?  Do you believe you help the world the amount that you should?
  5. What is your biggest challenge of your lifetime?
  6. What is your greatest gift?
  7. In relationships, what is your biggest challenge or stumbling block?  Is there a pattern that keeps getting repeated?
  8. What would you most like to learn?
  9. What keeps you going?

I guess I should answer all of those myself.  Journaling time.

I started a letter to my friend in a little book, a reply to a long-ass letter she sent me recently.  It’s thrilling to be in contact with her closely again.  She was off the map.  So glad she has an address again, and I can write letters to her again.



Ming was driving me nuts with noise.  I asked him if he had things to do, outside the house.  He went to get help with an issue with a tire on his car.  Then he went for pho.

It’s hard to need contradictory things.  I want his hugs and company, but I need low sound.

I feel like Ramona Quimby.  Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, middle aged version.  It’s hard work, being a person, living the questions.  Maybe that’s why we dream.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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