Dangerous Compassions

I belong here

pink sign
[Pink sign saying The universe is holding me. I belong here. I’ll be ok no matter what.]

In case you’re looking for a sign.  I belong here.

pink sign
[Pink sign says “I can’t carry this alone,” in dark green letters.]

That one is about community and emotional pain.  It could also be about palbearing or moving house.  Or installing a washing machine or some shit.

It’s fun to make signs, and my friend I mailed one to put it on her bathroom mirror.  She posted a photo on instagram.  I felt cared for and special, like maybe I can help.

My friend’s sign was like this one.  These ideas are really important to me.

green sign
[Green sign reads, “Weight doesn’t indicate health. Health doesn’t indicate value.”]
the holiday

Today my damie and I will carve pumpkins, witch style.  I’ll ask Ming to take a picture.

Besides that, my only Halloween plan really is to attend a fat dance over zoom, with my fat peeps.  We plan to jiggle a lot.

Last year my costume was Mysterious Lady; I sang karaoke for the first time.  It was Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill.  It was a zine thing at the university.  That was my first time screaming on mic–I must say, I enjoyed it.  “I taste the revolution” is what I screamed.

This year I think I’ll be a slightly different Mysterious Lady.  I was thinking maybe Lace Lady.  Not sure that’s a legit Halloween costume, but these are drastic times!  Maybe I’ll be Mysterious Strawberry Lady.  We’ll see.

Vegetable Liberation Front

Yesterday I found three organic zucchini in the free box, which delighted me.  It was more of a free pile, this time, but I’m well-trained by now.

I had asked Ming to buy me zucchini the day before, but the store was out of zucchini.  So this was like a gift from Mother God.  Squash miracle!  Right now asparagus is my favorite veg, but zucchini is up there.

I decided I should ask for more extreme things, next time.  Tree collard forest, pineapple farm, 20 pounds of great northern beans, and a bushel of apricots are what I came up with so far.  What would you ask for?

free veg selfie
[Fat white woman proudly holds free zucchini.]
My friend taught me the phrase Vegetable Liberation Front, which seriously delights me.  I like the play on Animal Liberation Front.  It sounds like a shoplifting operation!  Or sneak attacking ag fields in the night, which is done, at times.

I have a story about cherimoya theft that might raise an eyebrow.  I didn’t do it–no way.  Somebody else.  But I come from that place.  Your strawberries might have been grown in my homeland.  Likely, yep.

I belong there, but also I belong here.  Feeling grateful for multiple possible locations.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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