Dangerous Compassions

cat drama

crystal for crystal
[An amethyst necklace rests on a bed of amethyst, getting its beauty sleep, like a flame to the fire.]
cat cacophony

It was around 4 in the morning, and some cats started to howl and hiss as they fought outside our door.

I threw open the door and yelled, “Hey!  Hey!!!  Stop that!  Yeah, you!  What are you doing?  Knock it off!!!”  They finally stopped fighting and ran off.

Then I realized I probably woke up everyone who lives here, yelling at those cats.  Oops.  Seemed important because I don’t want to them to hurt each other.  I don’t want vet bills or cat harm.

It was kind of silly, but kind of funny also.  Normally, I’m not much of a yeller.  Middle-aged yeller.

light pollution

There’s a new casino in town, norther than the others but also huge, and there’s a huge screen on it, which shines light with adverts on it.  We can see this from our house.

It confused me because…why would they make a new casino, when the ones we have are half-empty?  During a pandemic, no less.  Seemed counter-intuitive.  But I guess that’s what Las Vegas is all about!  Defying what makes sense, to make a buck.

I was like–that can’t be a new casino.  It must be a casino I never noticed before?  But I could have sworn that huge screen is new…

I’m tellin’ ya, it must be like….20 stories high, this screen.  Maybe I should look it up.  Maybe it’s a record.

Oh, it opens today; I found the wikipedia article.  It has 777 hotel rooms–cute.  Yeah, the casino is 35 floors, so the screen must be at least 20 floors high.

Wow!  So sad, the lengths humans will go to, to make money!

Las Vegas

Oh yeah, did you know I live in Las Vegas?  “Why in the world would anyone live in Las Vegas?” my mom asked.  Let alone Laura-Marie!  The anti-gambler.  My main vice is how much I spend on postage.

Funny how “way leads on to way” and here we are, in a desert, doing work we believe in.  The government tests nuclear bombs near here, is the short answer.  So we came to object, and we stayed for the delicious vegetarian snacks.

No, we stay for love.  Community is my favorite.

Cat drama–eh, not so much.  They poop a lot.  I guess that’s my verdict, about cats.  Too much poop.  But I might feel differently if I wasn’t partnered with someone who has OCD related to poop.

And sand that touched poop.  And wind that lifts sand.  Then laundry, to wash off imagined poop residue.  Oh, sweetheart.  I love you.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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