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here in California

When I graduated from college, a former teacher from high school gave me an album by Kate Wolf as a gift, and I had never heard it. He was apologetic, hoping it was not too country for me.

This song “Here In California” always has stood out to me as beautifully true about love, but also I collect songs about California.  Please listen to this soundcloud acappella version.

Once I played this song for my dad, and he liked it. There were few things I felt we agreed upon, so that was valuable.  In two days, it’ll be his death anniversary–four years.

I come from California and will always love it as my homeland.  I understand it deeply, from my own perspective.  California is special for its diversity of humans, geology, biomes, plantlife, animals, landforms, foods grown in the Central Valley.  Its richness–its length.

Where I come from, flowers and delicious strawberries are grown, on the coast.  I learned a lot there about beaches, sunlight, seasons, family, community, race, belonging / not belonging.  Love.  How to drive, how to write–communication.  I married there.

Living in different parts of California–I thought I always would.  Moving to Nevada surprised even me.  Getting a Nevada driver’s license was a shock.

I grew up in a valley with hills that are vibrant green in the rainy season of winter and spring.  Then they turn brown in the summertime. Love to all, and all your homelands.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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