Dangerous Compassions

guest blogger gets happier

who are these masked people?

Things in the life of Guest Blogger.

We are relieved the Sacred Peace Walk code GREEN 2020 event was successful. Four resgistered walkers, this COVID season. The walk Youtubed and Instagrammed. Broadcast as it has never been done before. I am happy.

We then had a Nevada Desert Experience Council meeting that spawned seven more sub meetings, which I felt was good use of time. We now have seven Council members and three employees. Increasing from previous. Getting happier.
“Is covid in all caps?” I asked.
“Isn’t it supposed to be?” he asked.
“Why?  It’s not an acronym, is it?” I asked.
Contagious Obviously Very Infectious Disease is the acronym we just made up for COVID.  What do you think?  Hopefully the laughter is more contagious.
He’s lying in bed cuddling me as I blog, which is highly pleasurable.  “Cuddle blogging is the best blogging ever!” I said.  Everyone should be so lucky as to have a sweetheart so caring.
[Whole conversation about how Ming really feels, upbeatness, how we might as well enjoy the reality we got.  The secrets of Ming.]

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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