Dangerous Compassions

day ideas of the quirk heavy

Here are some day ideas, if you need new things to do.

day ideas
  1. sing a lot
  2. nature visit
  3. try a new food
  4. hear a language you don’t know
  5. learn a home ec thing
  6. learn a history thing
  7. dance for hours–ecstatic dance
  8. do a ritual
  9. art project outside your norm
  10. write a letter
  11. learn a science thing
  12. play a musical instrument
  13. phone a relative or who you wish was your relative
  14. phone a friend
  15. spring cleaning
  16. make a lot of noise
  17. read poetry / write poetry
  18. don’t speak
  19. make a zine about your neighborhood
  20. clean out a closet or cupboard–find something lost
  21. make plans, visioning
  22. photograph plants
  23. make a new holiday
  24. give flowers to a stranger or halfway house
  25. visit a new place of worship
  26. draw trash
  27. rearrange furniture
  28. hear new music
  29. wear clothes you haven’t worn in a long time and see how you feel
  30. play with rocks and twigs in a dry riverbed until you lose time

I have a few questions also.  Let me know if you know the answers.

five questions
  1. What should I do with the art I’m making?
  2. What new-new thing should I learn?
  3. How do I honor my ancestors?
  4. How can I make all these zines I create worth the effort?  Or I suppose–how do I get them to people who would enjoy them?
  5. What am I forgetting that I need to remember?
computer fail

Those are some ideas I’ve been having lately.  Ming bought me a new chromebook, but there’s a speaker issue.  I can’t handle that occasional crackle.  I’m an audiophile, I guess.  Feeling snobby, asking him to return it.

I do like the speed, the way the keyboard keys still have letters on them, the way I can post to the Las Vegas Radical Mental Health Collective facebook page without it crashing.  That old one has cool stickers on it but is all quirk.  Quirk heavy.

Hey, that could be my new graffiti artist name.  Hahahaha.  I should keep a list of those.

sign idea

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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