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basil bride

pesto passion

Hey, guess what.  Me and pesto are getting married.  Here’s me as basil bride.

Amaranth towers behind me.  Blue-leaved cruciferous veg is small and will grow into delicious foods.  This is in front of the Las Vegas Catholic Worker, part of the garden.

I keep stems of basil in a mason jar on the counter, pick leaves to wash and put in the blender when I’m making vegan pesto.  The tiny white flowers are delicately cute.  The pungentness of the leaves makes me swoon.  Yeah, true love.  They nourish me with chlorophyll and soothe my cells with green joy.

disability and sexuality

This morning I shared with some friends the link to an interview I did Sunday about disability and sexuality.  Watching the interview with Ming was fun.

I hear doctors are victims of the system also, in the sense of being rushed and overworked, as the person interviewing me mentions.  But doctors are victims who get respect, honor, trustworthy cars, adequate housing, retirement plans, low money stress, more than enough food and comforts, and all the ease that comes with that.  It’s easier to be desirable relationship-wise when you have basics covered.

And being a doctor is legible in a way that disability never is.  Doctors can say at a party, “I’m a doctor,” and people might have a good sense what that means.  Respect for doctors is default.

vibrant truth

If I say I’m disabled, people assume a bunch of untrue cliches about me wasting my time in various ways–that I’m worthless, a drain on society rather than bringing my own vibrant truth in an unpaid way.

Many disabled people are asked to live on a small amount of Social Security money.  We have transportation struggles, live in food deserts, and have inadequate comforts for anyone, let alone extra comforts that would be helpful for people with tons of pain and struggle.

Some of us live with abusive relatives or partners because we have no other options.  It’s weird how the rich people buy new cars and pass their used cars on to the poor, who suffer as the used cars break down over and over again.  All this is considered normal and ok, the way it should be, which astounds me.

Poverty causes chronic stress, which is bad for health.  There are a lot of ways to do poverty, but society’s winners are comfortable at the expense of the poor.  Oops, sound like the anarchist I am.


Today I’m cooking a big vegan meal, the last meal of the Sacred Peace Walk.  I’m going to make pea soup and rice, is the plan.  The dried peas are donated, and rice also.  We bought onions.

The pea soup, I want to add cumin and if I have some coconut milk, as well an onions, garlic, salt, pepper.  Ginger would be nice.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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