Dangerous Compassions

stuff I love, lately

  1. When the kirtan singer does something too complicated, and the audience can’t accurately copy it.  I listen to their sweet struggle and smile.  Is that mean?  I don’t mean it mean.  I’ve been there!
  2. I eat raw garlic on my food whenever I want, because it’s covid, and no one is smelling my breath except Ming, who doesn’t mind raw garlic.  It’s medicinal!
  3. This cool purple spiral paper I keep using as covers for little books I make to write letters in, bought from Artnoose many years ago, at a zinefest.
  4. Discovering new condiments.  Beans are so nice with butter, and tahini is great too.  Now I tried cream cheese in beans also and must say–so delicious!  Cream cheese and black pepper go together really good…
  5. Ming bought me a new chomebook at Costco.  Haven’t set it up yet.  I’m wrestling with using the recently downloaded materials before switching.
  6. The bag of eight beautiful apples I pulled from the free box.  It’s like dumpster diving but I don’t need to be agile and there’s no sludge.  Free is my favorite flavor.

free food

I tried some red lentil pasta–made pesto, read the directions on the pasts box.  Ming bought it–four dollars for half a pound.  Wow.  It’s red lentils with some quinoa flour also.

Cooked it up properly, tried a bite plain–wow!  So terrible!  Wow, what is that?  Yuck!

But then I tried a little bit with pesto on it, and I warmed up to it!  As long as I recognized–this is a new thing.  This will not be wheat pasta.  I felt better.  I had to meet it on its own terms.  Lots of life is like that, I suppose.


Still think it’s way too expensive, exploiting the pains of non-wheat-eaters who long for a pasta experience.  Oh, capitalism.  Damn you, for your extortion and advantage-taking.  The spelt stuff is better, but I can’t find the cheap kind I had before, online.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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