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dance party

Hey, I used to love dancing to this particular song by the Cure–Close to Me.  God, it got me going.  It was my favorite song for a long time, like 1994 to 2010?  I had to dance.

Then I was nuts about this certain Of Montreal album, Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?  Those songs really got me going too!  I liked the album as a dance album.  The energy in the songs, in that order, including the long weird one toward the end.  I think it’s a masterpiece.  Thanks, drugs.

A very favorite song to dance to, disconnected from an album, is Crystaline by Bjork–the remix with Omar Souleyman.  I like Bjork to begin with, and then adding the other part, wow.  Blew me away.  My ex told me about this song, after we broke up.  It was a gift.

I like Hey Ya, with a nice memory of when a zine friend was moving up to Portland from Sacramento, and we went to her karaoke going away party at a bar.  So lively and slightly risque.  I remember my zinester friend and her bestie, dancing on the little stage and singing it, so fast and energetic!

I had been looking through the little book that tells you the song choices, fantasizing about singing a Smiths song, but I didn’t sing.  There Is a Light that Never Goes Out?  How Soon Is Now?  Everyone else was drinking–I don’t drink at all.  Ming had a little wine at a friend’s house, one time I’ve seen, this whole nine years I’ve known him.

I think I finally understand the “I am your neighbor!” part, my favorite part.  It’s right after “lend me some sugar.”  I guess it’s “lend”–I’d always heard it as “give” until this morning.  Hmm, yeah.  A recipe scenario.  Knocking on a door with a measuring cup in hand, hoping for some sugar, in the literal sense.

I was interviewed yesterday, and I did well, but technology failed a lot.  We’ll see if the finished product is watchable.

Ming and I also made dinner yesterday, for the Sacred Peace Walkers, and delivered it to them where they’re camping.  We made pumpkin soup and rice with peas.  We had some cashews we soaked then blendered to make the soup creamy.  Wow, it was amazing.

delicious dinner

dinner food

to go

I’m going to rest a lot today.  Working so hard–if I can keep my spirits up and stay nice to Ming despite the stress, I’ve done well.

My upper trapezius muscles ache, and my pinched nerve is bothering me.  I heard “Old age ain’t for sissies.”  But middle age also presents some challenges!  And disability.  And everything.

I think sissy might be from sister, though.  Is it misogynist?  Yeah, wikipedia says so.  Sorry about that. Good luck with your dance party.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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