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birthday beauty


Hey, I survived another trip around the sun.  Last night I was sad and cried a pond.  Felt appropriate, missing my mom.  She birthed me, raised me, taught me good things and bad, saw me, listened to me breathe.  I spent almost all of my birthdays with her.  I miss her.

This morning I was up around 2am, which is normal for me.  I sleep in the afternoons and evenings.  Then I try for another couple hours in the night.  So I fixed the wifi, and sent the emails I’d written the night before.  I emailed my bestie.  Wrote a couple letters on paper, made pancakes, made some plans.

Vacations I can see my life from a different perspective.  Sometimes it’s really clear, something I need to do or change.  So I came here ready to plan.

Ming got up, and we went to Rhyolite, which is less than ten miles away, out toward Death Valley.  I will show you some pics.  Thank you for accompanying me on my journey, in whatever way you do.


I’m grateful my body allowed me to walk for around for more than an hour, grateful for beautiful trash and ruins.  Grateful to Ming for helping me do what I need to do.  Grateful to Mother Earth for being there, so solid.  Grateful to the ravens who croaked in the distance, and friends who witness me.  Birthday beauty, I love you.


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Trash so beautiful, I can’t handle it.  I need to get a grip!


I like the story here, of people piling rocks beneath the window to try to peek inside.  Good try.


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