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ice cream experiment

I tried making ice cream, in a coffee mug.  I combined pomegranate juice with half & half.  Then I let it sit in the freezer for an hour or so.  Stirred it.  Let it sit in the freezer for 40 minutes or so.  Stirred it.  Another hour or so.  Stirred it.

It’s lovely half & half that doesn’t have polysorbate 80 or carrageenan.  Thank you, Ming.

It turned out ok, not really creamy like ice cream, more with a little iciness.  I needed to stir it more and harder–I can see that.  So the mini ice cream maker we bought recently will come in handy.

The flavor was delicious, perfectly sweet without additional sugar.  So I think it’s going to work out great!

It’s for my birthday, coming up.  I decided that’s what I want for my treat.


Maybe you thought you’d never see the day.  Well, I got a bike.


Yes, I am in an open wheeled conveyance situation.  Not cheating on my darling trike Blue Bird of Friendliness Pure Bliss.

This bike is probably called What’s Good For the Goose is Good for the Gander, but I’m not sure.  It’s a natural progression, after more than four months on a trike.  I learned how to do that.  Now I’m trading in stability for freedom.  I wanted a bike mostly so we can throw it on a bike rack, on the back of Ming’s car, and drive to some bike trails.  The idea excites me.

This morning’s ride, we raised the seat twice.  Ming wants to get it new brakes.  I’d like to raise the handlebars so I can be more upright.  It feels janky as hell, a bucket of bolts.

But my trike felt janky at first also, in a lightweight way, like it would break in one day, which it didn’t.  So I hope the bike grows on me.  We’ll see.



I made some signs for a day of action, pertaining to #nobodyisdisposable and disability justice.  There’s blue glitter on the Justice that’s hard to see.

policy art


It’s about asking Kaiser to disclose its policy on crisis care, like triage stuff, so elders, disabled people, and fat people don’t covid die in a way that’s discrimination.  There are some horror stories.


What pleasure, to try new things.  I feel grateful to be able to do this activism.  Painting was fun, and I was motivated because I believe in disability justice and well-being for all.  Happy to ally with my fat peeps and disabled peeps.

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