Dangerous Compassions

you are not too much

nice deck

My friend gave me a surprise gift–these You Are Not Too Much cards came in the mail a few days ago.  I said, “Oh, this must be my present from A!” because she’d mentioned she ordered me a present that took a while and was finally on its way.

These cards are the most validating thing I ever saw.  Wow!  They’re brilliantly, comfortingly, specifically, appropriately validating.  Each card has a message on it that’s like a poem.  They’re very empowering!

Yeah, I was told most of my life that I’m too much–thinking, feeling, needing.  Too many words, too much silence, too many zines.  Too fat, too filled with desire.  Lotsa people find me objectionable, despite all that ridiculous effort I put into being not objectionable.  How ironic!  It’s healing to hear I’m not too much.  I believe this Jeanette Leblanc knows what she’s talking about.

Kinda like–yeah, I’m not normal.  Why would I want to be?  I remember trying to convey that to kids I’ve known.  You don’t need to waste your time being normal.  You have way better things to do.

It’s a sweet treat to pull a card from this deck every day and get a dose of love.  So I’m very grateful to this friend A for thinking of me and giving me what I didn’t even know I needed.  You are not too much either.  Thank you!

field trip

Ming and I went to Red Rock yesterday to check out the cell reception at the campground for a friend.  While we were out there, we went for a walk.

It was early morning.  The world was beautiful.  I felt grateful to Mother God for this mostly functional body that can breathe and move, and this gorgeous world.  For now, we have air and water, food, possibility.

And I felt grateful to Ming for bringing me there, and helping me have a good life to have fun in.

joshua tree
desert love

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