Dangerous Compassions

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If you know me, you know I don’t watch tv or movies.  I don’t care for them 99% of the time.  Writing and reading are pretty easy for me–watching a movie or show is hard work.  My mind just doesn’t want to do that.

I get the characters mixed up–they usually all look the same to me.  The storylines are very boring and predictable, or else too disturbing.  I don’t like the characters, so why would I want to spend time with them? 

I don’t like misogyny, violence, suffering–I can barely handle my own problems, let alone the problems of pretend people on a screen.  Tension is extremely uncomfortable for me, and the feeling that I’m being manipulated.

The visuals combined with sound overwhelm me, and there’s too much color and change.  I get overwhelmed, and I have to recover afterward.  It’s rarely worth it.

A youtube video was homework for a meeting I had last Monday.  I tried really hard to watch it.  I got through about three minutes.  It hurt me.

The part where I had to turn it off, there were facts on the screen with years, and pictures of people flashed, while someone was talking other words, all at an interval of less than a second per fact-year-pic.

I was like–uh, was I supposed to catch all that?  Probably it was just trying to show me “there is an overwhelming amount of info here,” but I didn’t like being treated that way.  Maybe I’m just paying too much attention.

moon option

The moon, on the other hand, is lovely.  She does not overwhelm me.  She is the right amount.  And she reminds me that I’m the right amount also.

I’m good at looking at plants, talking to the moon, waiting for the sunrise, sitting by a river.  My mind wants to do those things.  So please accept my mind for what it’s good at, and love me for my strengths.

We are not all the same; not everyone needs the same things.  People vary, and my differences are 100% valid.  Thanks for taking me as I am.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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