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Riverdale zine by Paul Franklin

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This zine Riverdale about Archie’s Weird Mysteries is very non-intimidating with its short length, but it’s worthwhile, with pretty cover art, appealing ideas, understated brilliant insight.  I like the two short poems at the beginning.

It’s about an Archie cartoon.  Writing about cartoons is cool.  I don’t like watching shows or movies, but I love hearing people talk about them.

This zine (like the previous zine I reviewed, also by Paul) is smart about what matters in a show.  I like Paul’s thoughts about the characters, his ideas about a few particular episodes, his consideration of diversity including gender roles, and his low-key analysis of the show’s main ideas and how this particular manifestation of Archie fits within the whole Archie franchise.

I’ve never read an Archie comic or seen an Archie cartoon in my life, that I recall.  But the zine still appeals to me a lot!  Paul’s writing is smart enough to matter, and concise, with no word wasted.

However, it doesn’t drift off into jargon or gatekeepery academic-ness.  I like how it’s down to earth yet has a ton to offer, with the commentary, and how Paul mentions his own upbringing and background, as they tie in to the subject matter of the show.  It’s great to see where he’s coming from and how I as a reader do and don’t relate.

Sometimes a sentence stops me–I feel intrigued and very appreciative of its insight.  I like those moments.  The font is easy to read, and it’s well assembled.  There’s a mixup with the pages (page two and page three are switched, in my copy) that I figured out easily since it’s so short.

Thank you to Paul for sending the zine.  He’s at run.rabbit.runner at gmail.  Happy reading to all.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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