Dangerous Compassions

hot breakfast

Hey, I’ve been thinking of hacks for my crockpot.  My crockpot–wow, do I love it.  I use it every day.   I think of it as a rice cooker, as that’s the thing I use it for most.  Also I use it for quinoa–it gets a little toasty on the bottom, but not burned.

I did a new thing, just now–I sliced some sweet potatoes about one centimetre, and I put them in the crockpot with some water salted.  Then I put it on the white rice setting.

Guess what?  They came out perfectly done.  This is great because I don’t have the tend the flame.  I can set it to cook and go for a trike ride or whatever.  Wow!  How lovely!  Or I can bring my crockpot on a trip with no stove and make whatever I want in there.  Yay!

I mixed them with butter, cream, and salt.  No special equipment was needed–I used a fork!  Wow!  They’re so delicious.  I had no idea.  It’s like my favorite part of Thanksgiving.  Well, I like stuffing too.


“What are we doing for Thanksgiving?” Ming asked yesterday.  He was driving us on an errand–we were on the freeway headed toward Red Rock.

“Crying,” I said.  “How does that sound?”

“About what I thought!” he said.

“Yeah, get your tissues ready,” I said.  “But don’t rush me!  First we gotta do my birthday.  Yeah, we’ll probably run out of tissues then.”


Considering a roadtrip for my birthday.  Could be epic!  On one hand, is travel irresponsible?  Any gas fillup could be death, right?  Covid from a pump handle, or the person filling up across the way.

On the other hand, civilization could collapse sooner than we think, so maybe we should drive while there’s still gas and roads and all that!  Hmm, good question.  A last hurrah, swan song.



To distract us from thoughts of Armageddon, here’s Bun at the end of our last trip, ready to go home, eager in his colorful bag, as Bun has a good mood all the time.

I was thinking of making an instagram just for pictures of my oatmeal.  Mostly I was thinking of calling it oatporn, but I don’t know if that would violate their TOS.  Also I considered calling it eroticoat.  But then people might think it’s about coats.  How about erotic-oat.

hot breakfast

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