Dangerous Compassions

river pics to distract you from a lack of language

Hey, I got too sad.  Sadness malfunction.  Can I distract you with a photo?  How about a river?


Is that picture of Ming extraordinarily beautiful, or is it just me?  Sunrise by the river.  I’m calling him Basket Babe because he’s like Moses.  It’s a long story having to do with learning disability, destiny, and icons.


Barns are pretty, huh?  I love barns.


I txted some friends this necklace pic, but I don’t think I blogged it.

mail art

Here’s what’s qualifying as mail art this morning.  Thanks for your patience.  I feel like a “sorry” message.  Thank you for accepting this low-language post.  Please stand by for better wordage.


By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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