Dangerous Compassions

the blog post must resist the intelligence almost successfully


I was at an airbnb far away, in a different desert, with Ming and another friend.  The other friend left a note in the guestbook, and drew a bird that they left unfinished.

I said I preferred the bird unfinished–anyone can draw a whole bird!  A bird half-sketched is way better!

Alas, I think my friend believed I was stupid.  But I kept thinking about it.  I love roughness, unfinishedness, the anomaly, the mistake.  My favorite thing about art is the part that makes it not boring!  Lots of ways to do that.

But I love error best.  I record songs, and my voice could err, I could have a little cough, my software could make a mistake.  I’m singing a cappella and can sing a wrong note, easily.  Or I can mispronounce the Sanskrit, for sure.  I do that all the time.

trike diaries 2

The problem can be the solution.  If I draw with too many lines, press too hard, and my art is messy, maybe someone needs that.  Maybe I need it, or the world does.

Maybe, you never know, Mother God smiles to see my messy art.  If she likes it, who cares who criticizes it.  I was brave enough to bring freshness into the world.

I like error because it shows the thing under the thing.  Unfinishedness shows the structure.  A truss, the carpenter’s math penciled on a beam no one was ever supposed to see.  I enjoy difference, strangeness–they teach me way better than slick finished polished regular marketable products.

“The poem must resist the intelligence almost successfully.”  —Wallace Stevens

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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I love your drawings and your expression of what seems like joy for error and/or sketchiness. It can be so easy to fall for this story that everything needs to be clean and perfect. Thank you for sharing your singing too.

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