Dangerous Compassions

souper veg fest

Laura-Marie is my name–making soup at 3am is my game.  Veg are my darlings.  Oh delicious, the bounty of Earth.

earth's bounty

The sweet potatoes got overdone but were still pretty good.  The broth was spicy and so delicious.  I was concerned it would be too much ginger.  But ginger, garlic, pepper, salt, and the veg-ness was maximum tasty.


I ate the soup for hours.  Kind of wanted to use less water and put some milk in at the end, but I put too much water, so that’s ok.

I like to have the broth by itself and then the materials separate.  The broth is so lovely and liquidy.  The materials are so good, with tahini and salt.

Wow!  I’m almost glad for the change in what I eat because normally I would have had a sandwich, and never enjoyed this delicious veg fest.


How much art do I have to make, before I make art?

pink and green


The needle on that one really makes, it for me.   The curl of the thread.


I have trouble making a round circle and shit like that.  My button is weird because I couldn’t get the circles to be right, for the edge.

I just thought to myself–it’s hand-eye coordination.  I should have played more video games as a child.  Hahaha!

Sufjan Stevens’ new song, released yesterday–Video Game.  He’s taught me so much.

Yeah, imagine me–with a NES, given to me and my brother by an uncle and aunt.  Me watching my brother play.  Feelings about Mario jumping on a pole, saving a princess.

I wrote a poem about that, way back.  Yeah, I’ve written poems about video games.  I should dig them up.  Here’s someone else’s poems about video games thing.

By Laura-Marie

Good at listening to the noise until it makes sense.

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